I live on my own planet, it's okay, they know me there…

I guess my blog reflects those of the majority of my students – it exists very far and in between. So I guess it’s time to make a blog post. This week I asked my students who they are as filmmakers, also discussing strengths and weaknesses. I will ask myself that question relating to my job – who am I as a lecturer?

First of I see myself as an educator.  I love teaching, have never regretted becoming an academic and will never trade teaching for the industry. My passion is to share my knowledge with others. I try to make learning fun. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But what drives me every day is coming up with more “fun” ideas.  The ultimate focus here is learning though and my aim is to get the best out of each and every student. I try to be fair and I try to encourage the dreams and hopes of my students. I try to “outdo” myself each trimester by making the courses fresh and different. I don’t want to be doing the same powerpoint for 5 years in a row….

That is also my downfall. Because I try to better myself each trimester it results in me putting more and more of myself into my work. Sometimes to the detriment of myself and my family. I’m a perfectionist and because I put so much effort into my work trying to be “perfect” I expect that from others as well. Which is not always fair. But then I have students who outperform every single expectation and it makes it awesome to teach.

My biggest weakness is my mouth. I talk a lot. No let’s rephrase I talk A LOT! I know I need to work on it, but when the habit is part of your personality, it becomes so much more difficult to change. I remember when I was in second grade – my teacher used to tape my mouth shut so that she could teach. Once she even threatened to staple my mouth! Truly, honestly. So I’ve had this defect since childhood.

My main strength as an educator is that I genuinely care about every person that steps into my classroom. I really want to see them succeed and when they do, it gives me so much job satisfaction to know I had a little part to play in that success story.

Looking forward to many success stories this year!


Right or wrong but I tend to think of my students in the same light as my children. I want the best for them just like I want for my own children. I want to give just as much of my effort to them as I give my own. I would fiercely protect their interests just like my own. I want to see them succeed just like I want my own children to succeed at life.

This means that finding a balance between work and home is sometimes difficult because I’m torn between my kids and my job that I love.

This afternoon I realised that I’ve been a bit neglecting the promises made to my kids in order to get work done for my students. And my kids never complain. They just accept that mommy has to work and then they go off on their own. So finally we did the promised cupcakes, except that we didn’t have cupcakes in the house. But never fear when SUPERMOM is near! M&M cookies can be much more fun than cupcakes!



And just when I felt that I finally got something right, the mise-en-scene sent a powerful message. My kids will always be competing with my students (laptop to the right):


Okay, lesson learnt. Message to self: BALANCE!!!

One week down

Sooo, this past week was pretty crazy awesome for students and staff alike. Trying to get everything up and running and smooth sailing. Is there such a thing as smooth sailing?

I’m looking forward to see all the creative ideas the students came up with.

Yesterday I stumbled across a very nice “How to – DIY” YouTube channel. I know, a bit late, but still very entertaining. So here’s how you peel a lot of potatoes..

And a challenge for any student claiming to be bored… I will buy you a double movie ticket if you can copy this video and peel potatoes as suggested by Suzelle. You have to film it (can be on your mobile, nothing fancy), upload to your blog and show us how you peel the potatoes with a toilet brush. Yes, a toilet brush. Did that hook work to get you to watch the link?

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